It is the season of a hundred flowers
And yet she turns thin and pale.
The cuckoo sings out a lusty song
Swinging from the branches of the rain tree
Whose leaves droop, portending showers.
Moving gently, she sighs like the breeze,
Her heart heavy with love,
Much like the hair that flows down her back,
Like a creeper that resembles rain-charged clouds.
The lingering smell of frangipani is so seductive
That her memories are overwhelmed and pulverized
In an instant in to fragrant dust.
The sun sets indifferently,
Making her acutely aware of her distant love.
Strong winds and an intense darkness,
She tosses and turns restlessly in her bed.
Day after day, she lies awake and gasps with longing
Like a swallow waiting for her mate.
Wounded, she curses the wind for ravaging her garden
Wishing instead that autumn would come quickly
And dull the pain that comes from burying a love
Under the burden of sheets and scruples.

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The Storm

Storm clouds crowd the twilight sky,
Making the horizon look like
An arched doorway to a land of the rain gods.

The trees bend low as the raging wind
Drags the branches to the ground
Without a straight intent.

The air is pregnant with
A whiff of dampness
Carrying in its wake a thunder squall.

I am reminded of childhood summers
Spent chasing nor’westerly storms
In hail drenched afternoons.

The storm in my head rages
With as much lust as the one outside
But I know that it can’t steal the peace that is in my heart.

The rain washed skies look a beatific blue
Reminding again that you’re never the same person
When you come out of a storm as the one that walked in.

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Dark storm clouds rolling in
Make 4 pm look like 7 almost.
The wind hisses under the door,
In the distance a frog croaks.
Sudden thunder, followed by a streak of lightning
Stabs through the heart of an ink stained sky.
Torrential rain shining like diamonds glisten
On black branches filled with young leaves.
The tree tops are shrouded in mist,
And I can spot a sole raven under the bushes
Drenched to the skin and cawing plaintively,
Much like me standing lonely.
Bare feet on damp grass
My insides ripple like the falling rain.
Ignoring the recurring pangs of pain,
I pin my hopes on a moon of waiting
As the downpour caresses a mundane grey twilight.

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It came, not in pin pricks,
but, like a gutter gushing out from the skies,
releasing pent up emotions that were bloating
in the heat of summer, smelling like the rotten leaves
that carpeted the backyard, next door.

Off late, it’s been elusive,
Teasing and oppressing our senses
before finally letting loose an onslaught.
And, it didn’t rain, it poured,
banging windows, slamming doors, and washing away
the grime and soot from parched hearts.

Somewhere in the city, traffic stopped,
drains overflowed, power tripped, and,
maybe some of our woes just increased.
But, nothing compares to the smell of wet mud.
Oh, Petrichor! keep the romance alive,
and, let it rain some more.

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A day so hot that even the leaves are silent and still.
The pigeons stir their gossamered wings faintly.
An army of bees have captured the ledge outside
the library window, and turned it into
a golden yellow captivity of honeyed fellowship.
The limpid air rests awhile on the wayside flower,
while the lone squirrel goes up and down the old rain tree
flapping its bushy tail, and, occasionally hopping on to
The kitchen window in search of nuts.
Much like me, he is so careful about storing the nuts
that sometimes he forgets where he has put them.
The sun seeps through unrelenting clouds
unaffected by the oppressive heat and gloom.
Walking bare feet around the house
I dream of April showers to quench my thirst.
There is a faint smell of frangipani wafting down
from the terrace, carrying invisible promises of love
That cling half blushing to the tinted glass windows at dusk.
A brilliant sunset dims the languid skies,
and, induces a drowsy sense of calmness.
I can hear the frog croaking begging the rains to be kind,
While the neighbor’s son violently shakes the swing.
Drifting off in to a half-awake, breathless state of rest
I wonder if I can challenge the season to fulfill its promises
before it disappears, leaving us empty handed to greet Fall.

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Harvest Moon

Leftovers of the feasting beg to be cleaned
But my mind is on that sliver of the harvest moon.
It is winking as if it knows what’s plaguing me.
I wonder about fear and anger of winters past
Versus the promise of joy that Spring heralds.
Should I be grateful for the warmth of the joyous summer sun,
Or should I bemoan last Fall’s deathly winnow?
Did I harvest what I need,
Or am I pining away for what is not mine?
Questions overshadow my mind,
Mixing confusion with an unwanted ego.
Thankfully, gratitude gets the better of my fertile thirsty soul,
And, re-emerges from another winter harvest
Remembering that how we choose to live
Is way more important than how we choose to die.

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Airport Tales

A sea of people,
Midnight rush for the red eye.
Hands touching against glass
Forming hearts and blowing kisses
Across a wall of security.
Suddenly it sinks in,
A long goodbye.

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