The Birthday Post

Most of life as we know it is about conversations. Majority of the time, we spend it having conversations with the world or trying to avoid conversing with them. But the ones that really matter are the conversations that we have with ourselves.

Recently on my birthday, an insta follower asked me how does it feel to be my age? Without blinking an eyelid, I said, ‘It feels great. I love where I am and cherish it every day.’

He asked me if I feel old, and how do I manage the challenges of aging? This is something I get asked all the time. Sometimes I meet people who are so scared to get old. They can’t believe the age that I’m in and always try to correlate looks and attitude with numerical age.

Do you even realise that getting old and aging gracefully are privileges denied to many? Why is it necessary to think of your age in numerical terms? Why can’t you start thinking of age by the dreams you have achieved, the struggles you’ve overcome, the hope that keeps you going, the ambitions waiting to be fulfilled and the goals that are beckoning you to flow towards them?

Count your age by the number of times a pet or a child came running to you and gave you a tight hug, the times you made up with your parents or brother or sister after a fight, the number of times your partner or spouse reached out and held your hand in the dark of the night when you couldn’t fall asleep.

Count your age by the number of times you bounced back from an illness, a broken relationship or a failed job with resilience and your spirit intact, the number of good people who have crossed your path and the ones who’ve chosen to stay, the number of times your team high fived you, the number of times your manager at work told you how much value you add to the Company and people’s lives, the number of times a customer thanked you, the number of times you watched a sunset peacefully or listened to an old favourite song while watching the rains. The list is endless, and I could go on.

The trick to feeling joy and happiness every day where you are is to be aware of all the abundance in your life and to be grateful for it. Abundance is not always about material possessions. It is so much more. It is the very essence of life. Also, it pays to remember that all of life is about the choices you make, the chances you take and how you manage to sail through changes.

Know one thing, every year fills your backpack with adventure and wisdom, experience and delight that you can carry with you on your next journey and perhaps help to make someone else’s life better!

Practically speaking, my life as I have known it for a couple of decades is currently experiencing that seasonal phase in a television show, perhaps season 5, where the script is meandering and has gone haywire, the writers don’t know what to do next and the actors are just winging it. And, the protagonist knows that the plot is clearly falling apart.

Yet, standing here today I remind myself that it may seem like everything is going against me, but always remember the airplane takes off against the wind. So I’m confident that I am flowing in the direction of my life path, my mission, my vision, the best version of my life that is still waiting to be lived. And I’m excited, despite the uncertainties. I know, whatever I do, and wherever I go, the Universe has my back. I am wrapped in love, hope, hugs and prayers.

~ The Amrita Connection



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