In Search of My Swan Song

New moon,
New dreams,
New places to see.

New visions,
New longings,
New steps to reality.

New omens,
New mistakes,
New signs of change.

New wisdom,
New grounding,
New understanding of the strange.

New hope,
New faith,
New ways to move on.

New beginnings,
New goals,
New paths to a new dawn.

New rituals,
New sunsets,
New loves to fawn.

New games,
New pawns,
New fates to spawn.

About Amrita Ghosh

About Moi - I like to think I am a simple person while most people tend to disagree. I like lots of things, sometimes quite contrary ones, a
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1 Response to In Search of My Swan Song

  1. TK says:

    New fates to spawn!! Cool


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