A Monologue with Cupid

Someone I'd loved once gave me this heart on Valentine's Day, long ago in a land faraway...and, I'd wondered then, as to why we get caught in these traps of 'labelled images and packaged emotions'. While cleaning old baggage recently, I chanced upon this memento, and started thinking again...and, hence, this random monologue with Cupid

Why do you always paint Love as red?
Is it because it reminds you of murder and bloodshed?

Pale pink, like the persian rose would do.
But, quite often you leave behind a trail of midnight blue!

If Love’s claims are as sweet as an orange persimmon,
Then, tell me why at times it tastes like a steak, overdone?

I swear I could carry off black Love with enough panache,
Most often though, you leave behind a messy mix of dying embers, and ash.

And, then suddenly your arrow strikes me somewhere in the middle,
Reminding me that the real color of Love lies buried, inside your fickle fiddle!

Making me dance to its ever-changing tunes,
Till I begin to wonder if I’m an actor straight out of ‘Looney Tunes’.

*I wrote this poem for One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday. Do visit them and have a great time checking out poets, old and new.

About Amrita Ghosh

About Moi - I like to think I am a simple person while most people tend to disagree. I like lots of things, sometimes quite contrary ones, a
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21 Responses to A Monologue with Cupid

  1. marousia says:

    There is some stunning imagery here – I especially like “you leave behind a messy mix of dying embers” – rhyming couplets are a difficult form and this is admirable


  2. Amrita Ghosh says:

    @marousia – hi! welcome to my little digital stop, and thanks much for taking time out to read this! do visit again…and, by the way, i too am a little obssessed with the incompleteness and mutability of memories, like you write about yourself in your blog 🙂


  3. Smart question.Since I’m not much into red I wish they would paint love yellow or orange!

    Love the way you played with colors!And the last two lines is just cute!

    A fun one shot!


  4. Chris G. says:

    Like the rhymes, and the imagery you went with here – seems about right for a monologue with the man of love himself. Question, accusation, acceptance of the madness of it all…such silly creatures we all are.

    One critique, though! The second stanza:
    “If Love’s claims are as sweet as an orange persimmon,
    Then, tell me why at times it tastes like a steak, overdone?” Perhaps it’s just me, but the rhyme just…doesn’t seem to work for me there. Maybe it’s the comma tripping me up, but it just seems to lose its flow here, and I feel like another image, another rhyme, in place of the overdone steak might do it more justice. Nevertheless, a fine poem – thanks for sharing with One Shot!


    • Amrita Ghosh says:

      @chris – i hear you; however, i deliberately chose those words because the imagery in that couplet about the potential of the promise and the disillusion and disappointment that follow was meant to convey the lack of rhyme in the situation…my method in the madness, i suppose! thanks for visiting 🙂


  5. suzicate says:

    I swear I could carry off black Love with enough panache,
    Most often though, you leave behind a messy mix of dying embers, and ash.-great line!


  6. Eric says:

    Ever notice that “Cupid” rhymes with “stupid”? (LOL!)

    A very colorful One Shot, Amrita!


    • Amrita Ghosh says:

      @eric – hey, thanks for visiting, and oh yeah…remember the old mandy moore song…
      Stupid Cupid, you’re a real mean guy,
      I’d like to pick your wings so you can’t fly
      I am in love & it’s a cryin’ shame …lalala 🙂

      happy one shot to you too!


  7. Steve Isaak says:

    Relatable, light, true, clever, good brand-name-drop of ‘Looney Toons’.


  8. Shashi says:

    Dear Amrita

    Colors of love.. come in various hues and paints.. and the one that is most striking is the one which is colored with pain.. as it remains forever in heart in the scars of time… Thanks for sharing such a lovely one…

    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com


  9. Claudia says:

    ah – i love the looney tunes and your use of colors here..great one shot!


  10. TK says:

    Dying embers .. ash .. wow! hard hitter .. careful selection of words..max impact!

    Some more thoughts to ponder along with this great poem from the lens of Carl Jung! Specifically on the Creative Power of the Feminine (anima) in Union with the Positive Masculine (animus) .. “If women and men are ever to form bonds that are peaceful and equal we must integrate the feminine and positive masculine within ourselves. Carl Jung called these aspects in our psyches anima and animus. It is a man’s acknowledgment of his anima that give him the ability to be consciously engaged, passionate and connected to a noble cause and a woman’s animus that assist her in fulfilling her life’s purpose. When both of these positive archetypes are integrated in our psyches (masculine/feminine – left brain/right brain – mind/heart) we have infinite potential to expand our intelligence, creative power and the limits of who we are.”

    🙂 🙂 Well done steak is possible!


    • Amrita Ghosh says:

      @TK – wow! honored to have you quoting Jung at my random one shot 😀 basically, all this theory of the creative power of the anima in union with the positive animus is age old and all around us…yin and yang, ardhanarishwara…we know it all…just tend to forget, especially, in times of crisis in daily life…thanks for the believing in the ‘well done steak’ and for making time to read, comment and indulge me in my random musings!


  11. Ramesh Sood says:

    Came through One stop Poetry.. and I am happy to be here..

    A lovely poem and lo, I always felt love was transparent and God sent it our way so that we could fill it with the colours of our choice.. and you know I always left it transparent..see through.. ha, ha, and that has made all the difference.. life is good..and fun…


    • Amrita Ghosh says:

      @ramesh – thanks much for stopping by 🙂 and, for lending me a fresh perspective…transparent is good, like a clean slate…tabula rasa…next time around, i’ll try and fill it with positive, fun colors…life is indeed beautiful and good and we must count our blessings…peace 🙂


  12. Reflections says:

    Love the stark feel, the stunning images, contrasting with the tender… well done.


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