Magic of Montana

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Sometime ago a friend was making a trip to the US, and we got talking about National Parks and I was reminded of my impromptu trip to Montana in late Spring many years ago. I dug up what I had scribbled on the back of a newspaper bag and some picture memories from long ago.

Crazy work schedules melting into ancient slippery glaciers, wind-swept prairies, old-growth forests…a landscape that continues to inspire people the world over. It was the perfect retreat I could have hoped for; a way to pace myself in my ever-crazy, ever-changing, indefinite world. Sadly enough, I had only a day and a half to soak in the hues and tones of a place where the spirits of the world are still supposed to be alive and kicking.

Smoky rivers, foggy mountains, lazy mornings, soaking sunlight filtering in through the old-fashioned windows of the inn, warm woods, shiny silvery waters of the weeping walls, white birches framed against waters that seem to flow forever, ephemeral sunsets, gushing waterfalls, ultimate rock formations, air that is crisp, fresh and woodsy, echoes of loons in the distance, peepers, hummingbirds, red-winged black birds, dragonflies, friendly marmots, trouts breaking water, quirky mountain goats pecking at the first signs of summer green showing through blankets of snow, startled grizzly bears, iridescent light in the slanting eyes of the long-horned sheep, light white waves riding on each other’s backs, fields of dancing daisies, sailing dandelions, kayakers, rafters, gorgeous bikes, run-down pick-up trucks, chalets and log-cabins, ranch roads, hiking trails, pine cones, twisted horse-hair clips, fur sales, fresh fish, tempting flathead lake cherries topped with cream, sinful huckleberry chocolate and ice-cream soda, wild berries and colorful wildflowers lining the sides of endless roads winding into Heaven’s Peak, soothing green, shades of light and grey, patches of cotton-wool clouds tearing and sailing across sunny, blue skies, naked moon, rolling plains, sweeping gorges, babbling creeks, stones for every mood and every shade of passion witching one another and onlookers through crystal waters.

Copper and mahogany flecks in my black hair shining happily in the sun against my pale almond skin… splash of cold turquoise spray on my face reminding me to be alive again.

Heart racing, mind at peace. Montana, where heaven still chooses to come down to earth.

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About Moi - I like to think I am a simple person while most people tend to disagree. I like lots of things, sometimes quite contrary ones, a
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