Ode to Wednesday

I love you Wednesday.
I realize now that I have always loved you.
Even though you had such an old fashioned name
That as a kid I had to stop and think, before I could pronounce the same.

You arrive unannounced always in the middle,
Reminding me wordlessly that mid-week can bring unexpected fun and lull,
And, provide a perspective that makes
The week look half full and the weekend almost half empty.

Wednesday, my little heroine, let the world call you names,
Woden’s day, green day, hump day and what not.
To me you bring unbridled mirth,
I hope you stay that way, wordless and haute.

About Amrita Ghosh

About Moi - I like to think I am a simple person while most people tend to disagree. I like lots of things, sometimes quite contrary ones, a
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8 Responses to Ode to Wednesday

  1. TK says:

    Shucks! this is original.. keep going moi


  2. I am beginning to love Wednesday because of you!:D That a great thing, wonderfully written, my friend =P Thank for sharing at Poetry Potluck =3


  3. Jingle says:

    Wednesday is cool,
    so are you?!

    great job worshiping Wednesdays!


  4. Amrita Ghosh says:

    @Ji – you’re such a source of constant support and inspiration! thanks lady πŸ™‚ i do love Wednesday πŸ˜‰ keeps me going till Friday!


  5. Kavita says:

    Aww.. how cut is that!! A super lovely ode to Wednesdays! I used to (still do) LOVE ’em! πŸ™‚ To me, it only meant 2 more days to go before it’s Saturday! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for linking this sweet poem to the poetry potluck, Amrita… too good! πŸ™‚


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