Rambling & Rhyming

I often resort to poetry to get me through challenging or should I say, interesting times. Apart from reading, sometimes, I end up rhyming a bit of poetry myself. I used to mostly play them over in my head and forget all about them. Sometimes, I’d compose doggerel rhymes to tease my dogs which, according to my brother would be fit only for the bollywood rap category! Anyway, off late, I have started scribbling down random stuff that came to mind and bailed me out on many days and nights.

Here are some from the recent times…

A Rhetorical Question

It’s said, ‘You are what you know.’
But, what do you do with what you know,
When you know that you don’t know what you ought to know,
And, what you don’t know is really what defines who you are?

Looking for You

Sudden thunder storms in the dead of the night,
The wind whistles in the trees outside my window,
Leaning out into the night, I feel you in my bones.

Looking for patterns of your being in the clouds,
Acutely aware of how you create and fill a void in my life

I Found a Man

I searched for a soul,
And, found a man,
Not exactly the prince charming variety
And, also not quite a frog either.

Now, I’m struggling to balance the reality
That inhabits the thin line between imagining and living

Pondering after reading ‘Einstein’s Dreams’

I have known you all my life, second only to my shadow.
At least, that’s how I’d like to think about it.
Yet, stranger, do I really know who you are?
Maybe yes; sometimes in certain heartbeats,
And, sometimes on nights like these.

But a deeper question plagues me.
Do I really want to know you?
Do I even care about who you are?
What difference does it make to my life?
Better halves are supposed to complete you.
But what happens when they end up reiterating your sense of incompletion?
Of all that you could never be?

The futility of trying to make a whole out of two halves.
The eternal illusion of trying to beat dust returning to dust.
Paradise lost, found, regained or discovered; again and again.

It’s the same story told differently
In simultaneous real times,
In moments of nanoseconds,
In a zillion parallel universes of our own making,
In living life backwards, forwards or in circuitous patterns of the usual linear movement,
It’s the same.

Conjoined realities, straddling the same truth
In contradictory, yet parallel universes that inhabit our mind’s eye.
Time and situations endlessly repeat themselves
Till such time we realize that it is so.

New Dawn

I woke up this morning to see tender young leaves
Dancing merrily on last night’s empty branches.
The air is pregnant with the smell of a new dawn.

Eternal Chase

Two green butterflies chasing each other’s shadows,
Early morning sunlight filters through a spalsh of purple jacarandas,
Love’s eternal chase continues.

Unplanned Ramblings

He calls to say he’s on the next flight.
Needs to see me as he misses me too much.
I wonder if he really misses me,
Or, is this his way of warding off temptation?
Logic wins and I say, ‘No, stay put, work hard, save the dough.’
For sure, I lost this one. Again.
Little does he know that in my ideal world,
He’s forever by my side.

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10 Responses to Rambling & Rhyming

  1. CJ says:

    I like them. =) Especially “Eternal Chase.”


  2. I am in for Eternal Chase too!:D Butterflies<3<3 Love need some chasing πŸ˜›
    Happy Poetry Potluck!=D


  3. buttercup600 says:

    Eternal Chase my dear, stands out for me so very much! You have a way with words and I am so happy to be here! Thanks for linking with Poetry Potluck, your support means so much ~ Hugs xx


  4. Jingle says:

    young leave Dancing merrily on last night’s empty branches.
    The air is pregnant with the smell of a new dawn…

    love the lines.


  5. Talon says:

    I enjoyed your “ramblings” very much. I especially like “I Found A Man” – somewhere between the Prince Charmings and the frogs are some really wonderful men.


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