momentary timepass

No matter how late i get to bed, which is fairly often, I wake up quite early, thanks to the circus created by my dogs. But, it’s usually a challenge to pull myself out of bed, which is followed by a whirlwind of activities before I’m finally ready to walk out through the door and brave the day.

Post this usual morning drama, my normal work day is usually peppered with con-calls, emails and live meetings galore and on most days, time flies. However, on most days and this sounds like a contradiction, i also do a lot of other things in between work to keep myself sane.

I facebook. I listen to music. I check my yahoo and cool hotmail.

I procrastinate about my life’s goals and plans.

I think about what I am going to eat next, and where I am going to go for my next holiday.

This is closely followed by thinking of new designs for my jewellery collection, which invariably leads to thinking of starting my own design brand. Someday soon.

Then I think about which shoe will match which of my bags, and how i will pair it with which dress, and for which do.

And, of course, I make endless plans to go see new art, read more books and watch more movies. This is often interspersed with reading comics usually from xkcd, calvin and hobbes, and dilbert.

I crib about how everything I eat go straight to the inches in all the unwanted places. This is followed by looking up healthy recipes that are quickly forgotten for the next binge and procrastinate about finding myself the right gym and the right exercise routine.

From time to time, I also think of how to get a rewind and erase button to wipe out of my life/collective memory all the ex-boyfriends and aspiring ones that I don’t like. This is usually followed by a mental debate on karmic truth, and where I fit in the greater scheme of things.

I imagine all kinds of drama befalling a variety of people that’ll provide me with fodder for my dream of being a writer one day.

I invent excuses for not doing things that I am supposed to because they don’t catch my fancy.

I keep adding new tasks to my Outlook and post multiple notes of to-do lists all over the place. Then, I add another two tasks to all of this, which includes finishing up the tasks that I added before, and, post that, cleaning up my work desk, my bag of the day, and my room as soon as possible, so that I can easily find some method in the madness.

And, through all these activities, I drink a variety of tea preferably black, and ranging from oolong, green, ginger, masala to peppermint, sage, camomile, hibiscous, cherry, mango and more. Then I think of how I’ll start a cafe by the sea in a faraway place.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling low and sleepy, I also drink black coffee with extra hot water and brown sugar, please. And, on days when I feel really greedy, I add chocolate to the mix.

And, while I go through the motions of all these activities, time passes; and, I realize that the only thing that I really do is just live in the moment across multiple parallel lives.

About Amrita Ghosh

About Moi - I like to think I am a simple person while most people tend to disagree. I like lots of things, sometimes quite contrary ones, a
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