The best of travel is never measured in miles. 
It is found in the colours and energy that you encounter as you wander around.
It is experienced in the encounters with people who touch your soul and make you wonder about life. 
It is felt in the soul of the places you visit that help you reimagine who you are in your daily life. 
Every time I travel, I return a little different. 
I have stopped seeking because I find. 
I find myself, other beings, my truth, other truths, my world, other worlds, my journey, other peoples’ journeys and they all converge in who I am. 
I die every day only to be reborn every moment into something that I am yet to fathom. 
Imagine a soul like that, one who dares every minute. 
I cannot help it. 
I am the mystery and the magic, rolled into a ball that unsettles you ever so slightly.
Stay away from my path if you love your comfort and the numbing mundane of routine life. 
I am fire. I am hail. I am the thunder that scared you as a child. 
Turn back before I destroy you,
Because I have seen what you are meant to become. 
If you choose to stay, be prepared to have your glass walls broken down.
Because, that is your prison. 
I will smash the false idol in the mirror.
One way or another, I will shatter you.
And, then I will leave.
To pursue other truths and other lives,
Because as long as I am living,
I haven’t yet arrived at where I am meant to be. 
Don’t mourn me or deify me.
I am a free soul, and so are you.
I have to walk my path, and you yours.
Breathe life into your soul, your self, your seed,
And, life will sing back to you.
But try not to cross my path
As life will never be the same again. 
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Living In a Moment

In this moment, I can feel my body composting years of garbage heaps.  

The broken eggshells of relationships and expectations, the rotting garlic peels of insecurities, the residual emotions still stuck in the boiled tea leaves, and, the old mutton bones of my mind make my body a fertile breeding ground.

In this moment, I can feel my bones shedding the weight of all the lives that I have not lived yet. 

In this moment, I can smell second chances, healing, and miracles blooming in this black soil. 

In this moment, my soul that holds this body inside of it glimpses the rich garden like that slice of heaven waiting to burst forth. 

In this moment, I can feel the universal energy filtering through the fertile black soil of my body, and soul, like the upturned sunflower ready to receive the nourishment of the sun’s first rays. 

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Postcard from the hills

Sometimes in silence, I reflect on love.

Love that I have, and, love that is gone.

What is gone often seems very close,

While what I have seems distant and cold.

As I sat surveying the hill side,

I stroked the grass and softly kissed it.

I unwrapped the dark chocolate that

I was carrying, and, paused to take a bite.

I could faintly smell the lavender from my fading perfume,

Creating a heady concoction with the surrounding sage and thyme bushes growing in profusion.

I touched the blue sky in my mind’s eye and thought harder.

In the name of Love, we give it infinite power To evoke hidden desires, our deepest scars and oldest longings.

Rewind, erase, let go and pause again. Repeat.

I lost track of time.

Bugle sounds from the army camp at the base of the terraced valley broke my reverie.

I stretched my limbs and knew it down to my bones that

Stealing a slice of time is never as nice as living it.

When we climb, we seek as to why, somewhere between the bottom and the summit.

Love is a bit like that too.

Caught struggling forever between the anticipation of a kiss, and its consummation.

With softened eyes and nerves of steel,

I rose and walked back to the car,

Having known now through many lifetimes

That self love is the best gift that I can ever give myself.

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By the river Ganges

I love the sublime mountains,

But the waters always haunt me. 

Oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, 

They all have me hooked.

And, if it is the mighty Ganges, 

Then all I can do is sit quietly by its banks 

Hoping that whatever flows from me flows like her.

Pure, free and timeless. 

No holding back. 

Like how a child flows. 

I want to be like that river.

Omnipresent, and everywhere simultaneously. 

At the source, in the mountains, in the waterfalls, 

In the valleys, the plains, and, at the mouth where it meets the sea. 

Timeless, and yet, ever so timely.

It’s said one never steps into the same waters twice. 

But even as you step in, the water continues to flow.

So is it even the same water ever? 

The river is never still. 

It is always there, but it is constantly flowing,

And in the process changing itself and lives of those it touches. 

Am I like the river, boundless, and infinite?

Am I growing, widening and deepening my life?

Or, am I growing stagnant, dirty and arid like the river bed? 

Should I allow life to dam me up and flow only in canals to serve my purpose?

Or, should I continue to course through life flowing gently where required and surging across rapids to plough a valley of my own? 

I wonder. 

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Finding Zen

Sleeping in late, still tired and achy from my travels, I vaguely remember it is a Monday. 

But there is no rush, no hustle to get up, to go anywhere or get any work done. 

I can see the sunlight filtering through the gaps in the curtains. 

Sitting up slowly in bed, I draw back the curtains across the large bay windows.

And lo behold, a view of the snow capped Greater Himalayan ranges greets me. 

A clear day, warm sunny skies, quite a contrast from the cold night that just went by. 

I hesitate to get up. Something makes me stall my steps. 

I could watch this view forever. 

Far from the noise and chaos of the city.

I can hear the wind whistling through the deodar trees, crickets buzzing, a cowbell or two in the valley below, wind chimes, and an occasional bird call. 

I walk out to the edge of the ridge, stretch my limbs and sit down continuing to be mesmerised by the mountains and the forests. 

Time passes by, probably an hour, but I am not counting. 

An otherwise intense silence, sometimes interrupted by two local mountain dogs barking and chasing each other along the edges of the ridge. 

Grateful for the sudden and random decision to be here, I soak in the peace and quiet of my surroundings. 

Spring has started growing its roots in the mountains, 

Stirring up emotions that haunt my wandering soul. 

I wonder what lies ahead of me this year.

The recent stretch has been quite unsettling. 

At that moment, ever so slightly the wind caresses my face and fingers my hair sweeping it across my face, 

As if to remind me that I am where I need to be.

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An April Haiku

Sunshine on young leaves

Cold breeze whistles through the pines

Spring in the mountains.

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A March Haiku

Fallen flowers whirling

Along the sun kissed path

Spring disappears.

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